Oct 13

Benefits of Bioflavonoids in Aiding Bruising Problems

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When you are looking for a bruising treatment that is really effective, or you are searching for a program that lets you work on healing bruises in general, you’ll discover that bioflavonoids are mentioned over and over.  It seems like almost everyone is talking about them, but what is it that you need to know about them?  It’s always a wise idea to learn more about supplements that are you curious about, and there is a great deal of interesting information relating to bioflavonoids themselves as well as how they can provide you with a great bruise treatment.

Bioflavonoids originate from plants, where they aid the plant to do things like create pigmentation and protect the plant from bacterial attack or other forms of illness and harm.  They are common in most plants, although they will vary in amount and intensity depending on what plants that you are examining.  There is very strong experimental proof that points to them as being very helpful when it comes to helping our bodies to react appropriately against a host of things that include viruses, cancer-causing agents and allergens.  They can also act in an anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-cancer manner.

There have been more than 4000 bioflavonoids that have been identified and virtually all of them are useful to your body.  In the past, they were formerly known collectively as Vitamin P, but as we get to know more about them, we are learning that there are several groups and that they all have their strengths.

Proanthocyanidins, which are abbreviated to PCO’s, are extremely potent and can be found in things like grape seeds or the bark of the maritime pine.   Likewise, quercetins are the most active of the bioflavonoids, and they often make up a very potent part of the other bioflavonoids.  Citrus bioflavonoids are the ones that we find most readily available, and they are the ones that are most often used to treat people who bruise easily. They may also be used for treatment of things like hemorrhoids, varicose veins and capillary permeability.

What part do bioflavonoids play in our ability to try to heal bruises, and why are they such an essential bruise treatment?  Firstly, taking them and making certain that you are getting enough of them is an excellent way to heal your body when there has been any sort of physical trauma at all to it, and that is in essence, what a bruise is, whether you remember it happening or not.  A bruise is basically a capillary under the skin breaking and seeping blood into the surrounding tissue, and taking the proper amount of bioflavonoids can help you heal the damage much more rapidly.

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Oct 13

Vitamins that Helps Prevent Easy Bruising

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If you are someone who tends to bruise easily, there is a pretty good chance that you are used to seeing concerned looks from worried friends.  The fact is that this well meaning concern gets very old, very fast, especially when you are not even sure how you got the bruise, and can’t recall any sort of pain or injury at all.

The real fact of the matter is that there are many people around who have concerns when it comes to getting large dramatic bruises which seemingly have no apparent cause. Unfortunately there can be lots of different reasons why you might be getting numerous bruises with very little cause, and you should also be aware that there is likely a bruise treatment for you as well.  When you are examining how to heal bruises, there are definitely some vitamins that you need to keep in mind.

When you want to prevent bruising from occurring so dramatically and with so very little cause, vitamin deficiency is something that you definitely want to look into.  One reason that many older people particularly have problems with easy bruising is due to the fact that our bodies change as we age, and we may fall a little bit out of touch with what they need.  We realized some time ago that we can’t eat and exercise the way we could twenty years ago, and now it is vital that we pay attention to what our bodies are telling us to do.  If you have a vitamin deficiency, there is an excellent chance that your body may try to notify you with bruising.

If you want to start healing bruises through the use of more vitamins in your diet, there are a number of different vitamins that you could try.  First and foremost, consider increasing your quantity of vitamin C.  Vitamin C is a great bruising treatment and you’ll find that it plays an important role when it comes to helping your body get rid of things like pollutants or allergens.  If either of these issues is contributing to your bruising, vitamin C can help you get rid of it.  Do keep in mind that vitamin C has a certain amount of acid in it and that this may cause some stomachaches.

Your body already produces vitamin K, but keep in mind that use of antibiotics can deplete it.  A lack of vitamin K in your diet can definitely increase the bruises that you get so make sure that you start taking supplements for this vitamin.  You may also want to put more leafy green veggies in your diet as well, which will support your body’s ability to reabsorb blood into the surrounding tissues.

Vitamin E is another excellent choice when it comes to healing bruises that have already occurred.  This vitamin is especially geared towards healing bruises through helping your body restore its tissues.  It can be ingested, or, if you have the bruise already, applied externally.


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Jul 4

Does a high protein diet a proven way to stop bruising?

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If you should consistently cope with bruises that appear to appear out of thin air, or if you identify that you are in the condition where you’ve realized that you simply bruise on the slightest contact, it at the present some time for you to place a real examination of your diet.

While there might well be numerous other reasons in your easy bruising, one way that could prove valuable towards treating them is by taking a more concentrated look at what you are eating.  That is almost not possible to mention that you possibly can look for a bruise free diet program (or at the very least, I havent been able to get one yet) but you will discern that examining how and what you eat can be a well thought out option to aid you to beat easy bruising.
The very first thing that you wouldn’t have to fret regarding with this high protein, low fat diet is developing an iron deficiency.  This diet is one method that works at supplying additional iron into your system.  Iron is the number one medicine for dealing with anemia, and when you think about how prevalent easy bruising is when it comes to anemia, you’ll see that it’s high time that you examined how a adequate volume of iron gets into your diet. When you are looking for foods that are high in iron as well as protein, consider liver, which is a wonderful meal when paired with onions and rice (an excellent meal as long as you can get by the smell and taste).
Another element that a high protein, low fat diet brings to the table is that it can provide you a very good course in your energy level.  When you’re participating in a diet like this one, you’ll realize that you have more of an inclination to obtain up and be active, and this tendency  can then induce you to develop enhanced circulatory and cardiovascular healthiness.  After you’ve done some research, it is best to really study what your own personal diet does to see the total amount of energy you have got or need.  The highest energy level that you can muster will, consequently, enhance your level of well being. Your daily energy quotient is very important to your state of healthfulness.
Remember  that regardless of what you could be eating, you should always seek advice from your family doctor before you decide to make any drastic adjustments to your present diet. Many people would regard a diet that’s purposely high in protein and low in fat as a drastic change for you.  While you’re visiting with your doctor, it would make sense to also point out your bruising easily.  Remember that your bruising could possibly be an indicator of a situation more serious than simply your diet, and if that happens to be the case, you’ll understand that the earlier you can be apprised of the situation, the sooner it is possible to recover your long term health.

Do some soul searching, and be able to really think how your diet affects your body.  Are you someone who bruises easily?  If you do, it is probably the appropriate time to take a hard look at what is going into your system and what your needs are going to be when you are considering how you are likely to get the results that you desire.


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Jul 4

DDC Developments, the maker of Bruises Be Banned upgrades its production capability with its new partners

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Jan Doan, the self proclaimed “Doctor of Bruiseology”, is pleased to make known that his two new supplier companies are actually bona fide partners in helping DDC Developments meet the higher and increasing demand for the Bruises Be Banned daily supplement program. Doan states “Both Nutricap Labs and Arnet Pharmaceuticals Corp. are as apprehensive as I am about having the ability to appropriately meet with the requirements of our Bruises Be Banned purchasers. Without their assurance and dedication to excellence and well-timed production, I would not manage to help all the folks that our product was designed to serve.”

With the latest start of a campaign to enlist the help of independent pharmacists to get the word out about Bruises Be Banned, the before supply system was totally insufficient to satisfy the improved demand. “We would have been finished in the water lacking the means of our two new supplier-partners,” says Doan.

When asked concerning the new relationship between DDC Developments and Nutricap Labs, Scott Koleda, a Business Account Executive for the Farmingdale, New York headquartered Nutricap Labs stated “I look ahead to our continued relationship and new things to return in the future. I am certain how the unique nutraceutical methodology that DDC Developments has taken will turn into increasingly accepted as people notice it.”

Likewise, the Regulatory Department of the Davie, Florida, based Arnet Pharmaceutical Corp. confirmed, “The ingredients in Bruises Be Banned act synergistically providing the necessary factors for proper blood coagulation and vasoprotection. This product enhances circulation through its antioxidant effects on veins and capillaries.”

Doan says that the whole goal for making the all natural Bruises Be Banned daily supplementation program is to help people all over the world overcome their tendency to bruise easily. As people grow old, a lot of them will all of a sudden begin to get bruises on their arms and legs with no recollection of what could have brought on the bruises, and they generally ask, “Why is this happening to me?”

Doan responds by stating, “As we age our skin and capillaries get thinner and less flexible, for a variety of explanations. The commonest reason is that we no longer keep certain essential quantities of particular nutritional vitamins, nutrients, and minerals in our body to beat our increased tendency to bruise easily.”People who have become susceptible to easy bruising examine solutions to inquiries like these:

What precisely can I do to prevent bruising easily?    How can I stop bruising easily for almost no reason?    Does my chosen lifestyle effect my affinity to bruise easily?    Is there anything I can do to avoid bruising?People everywhere in the world have found the solutions to all of these questions, and the answer to their tendency to bruise easily by following the Bruises Be Banned daily supplement program.

Barbara Bramwell from Scarness, Australia tells us, “Since September I have recommended Bruises Be Banned to all my friends who have a tendency to bruise easily, but you know, people are funny, some will listen, others won’t because they consider if a doctor doesn’t prescribe it then it can’t be any good. Bruises Be Banned is good.”

Bob Baron of Millbrae, California states, “I’m 77 years old and have been plagued with bruising for years, especially my forearm and hand. I never paid attention to Vitamin K but I now know how valuable it is especially when you’re not much of a green veggie eater. If you want to reduce the amount and severity of bruising I highly recommend Bruises Be Banned.”

Mr. Doan further commented “We are extremely gratified to have so many people being helped by Bruises Be Banned all over the world. We could never have managed to help these folks without the help of our new supplier-partners.”

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May 20

Know the right combination to end your bruising problems

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When you find yourself in a place where you are trying to reduce bruising, you will see that that any of the different supplements that we have talked about will surely have an impressive effect on how you look and how quickly your bruises heal up.  In light of trying to avoid bruising, you’ll soon perceive that there are many different choices that are open to you, regardless of whether you have an interest in things like bilberry, or other types of ways to reduce your injuries.  But, why not win it one step further and ease all the problems which you see?  Gathering up all of the substances that we have been talking about can go some distance towards helping you, so lets take a look at what our methods are.

In the very first place, you may want to pose why or how it’s best to put these ingredients together.  The solution is that if not, you are likely to be spending a lot of time testing and refining a large number of various combinations.  You can begin by way of single medication, not be sold on what it is doing for you, step on to another, after which jump on to one after that.  When you do this, you are going to be looking for the best medication for your bruising for a long time.  As you still search for the right combination, it is very easy to become discouraged, and you will start to doubt you could preclude bruising at all.  This are a few things to avoid, since, well, you can.

There are a selection of therapies around that can help you combine a few of these components as one, but not all of them.  Either the manufacturers are sparing on supplements that are more expensive, or they are only not cognitive of what the other components can do.  If you’re to seek out all of those other treatment options which have been designed to reduce bruising, you’d most likely discover that most of them are missing an ingredient or two or three that can really be good to you.  Considering each of the elements that we have mentioned, you would possibly not be sure which of them actually help you, and which of them combine well with others.

The usual, however, is that are a number of fundamental ingredients that should be in your lessen bruising formulation.  Vitamin C and Vitamin K, which both promote enhanced healing and help shore up your natural reserves, should be in any treatment that you are taking, and do not overlook the importance of bilberry anthocyanosides and citrus bioflavonoids.

Equally, you need to make sure that you stay aware for components containing the appropriate forms of sulfur like bromelain and MSM.  These are all supplements that are essential to possess in any remedy that is designed to prevent bruising, and at the end of the day, you should not move forward without them.

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Apr 30

3 Effective ways to cover those Ugly Bruises

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When the spring weather says it is time to show off a new pair of shorts, or you are headed out all dressed up for an evening on the town, the last thing that you expect is a large, new bruise some place obvious on your body.

Simply because bruises could cause overly upset looks and well meaning questions from family and friends, you mustn’t think that you’re going to have to go into hiding. Instead, educate yourself regarding how you can conceal your bruises by employing your makeup. One might learn how to hide from view even the most obvious black and blue bruises with a little study about cosmetics.

You can begin this bruise remedy process by lowering the dimensions of the bruise. Lay a chilly washcloth on top of the region to lessen the puffiness, and make the appearance of the contusion get visibly smaller. This cold water remedy may help to break down any blood clots that form which cause the noticeable appearance of the bruise.

With a purpose to pick the appropriate makeup, your analysis of the colors of the bruise is necessary. The blues of the bruise is frequently offset with yellow makeup, and by light brown colored makeup is best to negate the red colors in the bruise. Your best option of makeup types would be a concealer that can be rubbed into the bruise, with cream concealer being a better choice than the pulverized form. These basic facts must have you on your way to an efficient cover up.

When you are using makeup over the bruise, cover it up completely and make sure that you are using the makeup outside the actual edges of your bruise. In this way, the makeup can appear even and the skin will not seem irregular or unnatural.

If you do these things, and rub on the makeup with attention, then the skin will look at lot more natural, and not like some type of patch.

Also, just remember to give your makeup a chance to settle on, and to dry. See if you have applied enough layers of makeup. Beyond this, you’ll be wanting a method to prevent bruising, and impressive to use as a bruise treatment.

Bruises are disappointing to think about, but they’re going to disappear on their own in time. A a lot better option is to follow the all natural supplement program from Bruises Be Banned. It is a daily program that works to lessen bruising easily, and it can help you stop bruising completely just as it has for other people worldwide.

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Mar 30

Interesting Fact about Pineapple

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Did you know that there is a particular substance that is derived from Pineapple which aids in bruise healing?

This substance is called Bromelain which has been widely used for years in treating the after effects of surgeries. According to the studies,  this substance has an anti-inflammatory and anti- clotting effects that effectively reduces inflammation and bruising caused by sports injuries, arthritis and others.

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Mar 10

Treatment Tip: Hot or Cold Compress?

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With our active lifestyle, we cant get away from getting those ugly bruises from small bumps or after hitting something hard. Our skin eventually gets red and after an hour it turns into an ugly dark purplish spectacular bruise. Our usual remedy? A hot or a cold compress. Here is a simple tip when to make use each of these methods.

Cold Compress is recommended when the injury is recent, within 72 hours, this will help reduce the local pain and prevent further swelling of the injury by constricting the flow of blood in the surrounding area, the cold can also numb down the nerves and reduce the pain.

Hot Compress is then recommended for treating injuries after 72 hours, at this point you would now want to promote blood flow to help enhance the healing cycle, Limit the application of heat to not more than 20-30 minutes, and be sure not to fall asleep with a heating pad.

You’ll never know when you or a friend might sprain an ankle. So have ice or a cold pack inside your refrigerator ready for use.

Source: http://www.pinoyfitness.com/2010/04/pinoy-fitness-tips-hot-or-cold-compress/#ixzz1GCk2zaVP

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Jan 27

Celebrity Confessions

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Jennifer Aniston has admitted that sex scenes with British hottie, Clive Owen, in their movie Derailed,were so fast and furious  that she was left with bruising on her thighs.

“I got good bruises on my legs  not pretty. But your adrenaline is running so you don’t even feel it” the Sun quoted her as saying.

reference: http://www.entertainmentwise.com/news/10062/jennifer-aniston-suffers-bruising

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Jan 27

Counting the benefits of Vitamins to stop Bruising

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If you are typically prone to bruising easily, most likely you’ll end up having a look of concerns from your worried friends. The real point is that this type of concern gets very old, very quickly, especially when you are not sure as to how you acquire the bruise, and then can’t remember any sort of injury or pain at all.

The truth of the matter is that there are many people out there who have issues when it comes to getting large dramatic bruises that seem to have no cause. The truth is that there are lots of different reasons why you might be seeing lots of bruises with little cause, you should also be aware that there is likely a bruise treatment for you as well. When you are looking into healing bruises, there are definitely some vitamins to keep in mind.

When you want to reduce bruising from happening so dramatically for so very little reason, vitamin deficiency may be something that you need to explore. One important reason why numerous older people particularly have problems with bruises is due to the fact that, as we age, our bodies change, and we may lose touch with what our bodies actually need.

We long ago realized that we can’t eat and work out the way we could twenty years ago, and now it is important to pay attention to what our bodies are telling us. When you have a vitamin deficiency, there is a very good chance that your body will try to tell you with bruising.

If you want to start to heal bruises through the use of adding vitamins in your diet, there are a several specific vitamins that you should try. First and foremost, you should consider increasing your quantity of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a great bruising treatment, and you’ll find that it plays an pivotal role when it comes to helping your body purge things like pollutants or allergens. If either one of these issues is contributing to your bruising, vitamin C can help you overcome it. Do keep in mind that unbuffered vitamin C is acidic and that this fact may cause stomachaches in some.

Although your body already produces vitamin K, you need to keep in mind that the use of antibiotics can deplete its quantity. A lack of vitamin K in your diet can absolutely increase the bruises that you get, so make certain that you start considering taking supplements for this vitamin. You may also want to add more leafy green veggies in your diet as well, which can help support your body’s natural ability to reabsorb blood into the surrounding tissues.

Vitamin E provides another splendid choice when it comes to help heal existing bruises that you have already sustained. This vitamin is specifically geared towards healing bruises through supporting your body’s own ability to heal its tissues. It can be taken orally, or, if the bruise is already existing, applied topically.

Getting essential vitamins and other nutrients to help overcome your tendency to bruise easily need not be a difficult task. By following the all natural Bruises Be Banned daily supplement program, you can easily and effectively help prevent bruising in the same way as other people all over the world have done.

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