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Bruising: Symptom of Diabetes?

Easy bruising is always been a problem confronted by many aged people. This condition can be attributed to our body’s natural cycle that at a certain point of our life our own body’s processes ¬†could no longer protect and heal fast as it was when we are young. In some cases, easy bruising can be linked as a symptom of a certain¬†disease or health illness which needs immediate diagnosis.

You need to understand the various reasons for easy bruising if you are going to try to find a means to alleviate this condition. Easy bruising is one of a number of symptoms for diabetes, but understand that only a licensed physician can make that diagnosis with certainty.

Think about whether you have relatives that have diabetes. Diabetes is a disorder that has a very strong genetic link, and if you have a mother or father who had it, you might notice that you develop it yourself. Diabetes is essentially a problem where your metabolism becomes disordered.

Dealing with high blood sugar levels is common for diabetics. These high blood sugar levels are typically caused by the way that insulin reacts in the body or some irregularity in the way that insulin is secreted. If these problems are familiar to you, you’ll need to increase your knowledge of the affects of diabetes.

When you are thinking about what diabetes does, you may start to wonder how it gets associated with bruising. There are actually two reasons why bruises might appear if diabetes is one of the issues at hand. The first reason refers to acanthosis nigricans. This will result in black or brown discoloration in the folds of your skin. It happens predominantly around the neck and the armpits, and it results because insulin is spilling over into the skin. It is most frequently associated with Type II diabetes.

The second instance where easy bruising is a symptom of diabetes is related to the depletion of your body’s healing resources, and as a result, your body’s healing time is significantly lengthened. Your body is fighting the damage created by diabetes itself, so minor injuries like bruises are relegated to a low priority in the healing process.

When you are looking at the bruising that might be happening to you, remember that there are other symptoms that are going to be in play as well. Sudden weight loss, blurred vision, increased thirst, frequent urination, and a sense of always being tired are also symptoms.

Suffering from easy bruising by itself does indicate that you have contracted diabetes. Without a history of diabetes in your family, you shouldn’t think that your easy bruising alone means you are affected by this disorder.

After you have eliminated diabetes as the cause for your easy bruising, you should continue to try to determine what actually causes your bruising. One solution you should consider is the Bruises Be Banned daily supplement program. This unique, all natural formula has been specifically designed to reduce bruising easily and to prevent bruising altogether, so it should definitely be one of your considerations.

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